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Why start a gym?

Iron Eagle Athletics has been a vision of mine for over a decade, throughout the years, that yearning for having my own facility, has been growing and growing. Ever since I stepped foot in a gym at the age of 17, I knew it was where I was meant to grow and succeed, in not only my confidence, but my overall well being as a person needing some kind of fulfillment in life. Sports and active exercise has always been a healthy outlet for releasing stress and keeping my mind at ease. I feel this is the case for a lot of people, and so it is my goal to create an avenue and destination where people can grow not only physically more capable of their potential, but also have a mental release of their day to day life. Growing a community of individuals who might not have the same world views, but who come to work and improve themselves and support each other to reach their goals, is what Iron Eagle Athletics is all about. My plan is to create a brand that encompasses strength and integrity, humility and respect for the hard work and dedication we all strive for. I want to welcome all new readers and members on this journey, remember, this idea of a gym is all about community at the end of the day, help support the page by subscribing and share with friends and family. We look forward to you joining us to create a place where we can all achieve our goals, no matter how small, or big.

-Denis Qelemeni


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